Amber Client

My experience with Ben as a life-coach has been an unexpected education about myself and how my mind works. Before I started my coaching sessions, I literally was not mindful at all about what was happening in my thought processes and this influx of thoughts and feelings made me almost feel consistently conflicted about how I handled daily situations. I have made a lot of progress in managing my thought processes and turning them from continuously being negative to working toward listening to the positive thoughts that I have about myself. This has not come naturally for me but working with Ben and putting into practice the suggested mental practices that he suggests has caused me to make forward progress with maintaining a positive mental condition. I feel like focusing on the present and what I can do now and in each moment to improve my thoughts ultimately has helped my emotional maturity and health.

Amy V.

I’ve been training with Ben for just under 2 months now and I can’t even began to express my appreciation. Ben is amazing not only as a trainer, but as a life coach and person. He is always available and responds to my millions of questions in a timely manner. “I’m busy” is not in his vocabulary. Ben makes himself available. Don’t let his extremely muscular frame keep you from approaching him, Ben is extremely approachable, polite, professional and funny and very knowledgeable about fitness and overall well-being. He caters your training sessions to meet your goals, and motivates you with a positive attitude. He gives you 100% every time all the time. I look forward to many more training sessions with him as well as having him as a friend.

Cal L.

Ben has been amazing. I’ve always had a difficult time living a truly balanced life. I was on a continuous rollercoaster. I would work hours and hours a day until I burnt out. When I burnt out, I would take mental vacations from my business for months at a time. These mental vacations led to a struggling business and resentment towards my business and clients. Each month was a struggle to find a happy medium. My career suffered tremendously; however, I found my mental and physical health were taking the brunt of the burn. Stress was killing me! I’m a genuinely happy person, but I was far from showing it when I called Ben the first time. We broke it down into simpler terms and I found my priorities were always out of whack along with my goals. I was just getting by and maintaining this mediocre life that I felt I was better than. I knew I could achieve more professionally while maintaining the relationships with family and friends that are so important to me.

“Becoming a catalyst for change starts with you. When you are a catalyst for change, the energy and awareness you bring to a situation allows change to occur. The willingness to be present and aware, to be in allowance, is a potency that can change anything”


Ben has turned me into my own catalyst for change. Through different tactics, exercises, and non-threatening accountability we have worked passed a lot of my old, tired excuses and bad habits. My goals are not only much higher today but they are even more attainable than they’ve ever been.

If you’re having trouble in any part of your life or finding the motivation to live a better life, definitely have a chat with Ben.

Daniel Brisborn - Mentor

I have had the honor of working closely with Ben Florsheim for the past year as his personal mentor in becoming a professional coach. And over that time I have witnessed the amount of heart and dedication he has put into becoming the best coach and human being that he can possibly be. He walks the walk and practices what he preaches on a daily basis. That is a rare thing to find in a person these days. I can guarantee that working with Ben as your coach will be one of the greatest decisions you will ever make.
The only thing bigger than his muscles is his heart.

Gabriela A.

Doing a two-month transformation challenge I had the opportunity to meet with Ben three times. During those sessions, I shed some tears, I laughed, and learned ways to improve my life in regard to my transformation journey. Ben is one of the humblest human beings you will ever meet, he listens to everything you need to say and helps you reflect on it. Giving out some brilliant ideas and in the end making you feel so great about your progress. I can’t begin to explain how grateful I am for him and all the help he has given me, and how thankful I am knowing he will be there when I need more guidance. MindBodyBuild is more than just life coaching, it’s motivation, trust, and friendship. Thank you MindBodyBuild for allowing me to be a client in your amazing business.

Christine M.

Ben is amazing! So professional and insightful. If you need a little extra push due to lack of motivation, if you are going through hard times, if you want to change your mindset, if you want to change your body, I highly recommend Ben for all of your coaching needs.

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