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Life Coaching


Connecting You With Your Capability

MindBodyBuild is designed to help you fall in love with caring for yourself in a holistic and healthy way. We offer life coach consulting that concentrates on the vital role of personal health. We spark your internal ambition and purpose and help remove the things blocking you from your power. 

MindBodyBuild’s wellness coaching services teach you to:

By aligning your Mind and Body, you lay the foundation for you to Build what you want from your life. We help you navigate the path and stay inspired every step of the way.

What Does Life Coach Consulting With MindBodyBuild Look Like?

We already see you as the expert of your own life, a person who is ambitious, resourceful, and whole. You may have lost sight of your own capabilities along the way, though, and that’s where MindBodyBuild comes in. We’re here to reconnect you with your power and inspire you to maximize your personal and professional potential using a thought-provoking and creative approach. 

Our partnership begins from the moment we connect for your first consultation call. We’ll start by discussing the areas where you’re feeling unfulfilled, then outline what you want to achieve. We work together to increase your focus, set goals, achieve outcomes, and pursue ongoing personal change.

Through our sessions, we’ll get to the root of imbalances in your life, whatever they might be. We’ll look at your career, family, relationships, stress levels, sleeping patterns, mood, diet, exercise, and more. Over time, you’ll learn to identify troublesome patterns on your own and implement solutions to overcome them.

Until you prioritize your individual wellness, you’ll continue to experience the same setbacks. Once you learn to set achievable goals and incorporate positive life skills, you’ll start to feel what a balanced and healthy life is like. 

MindBodyBuild is here to guide you through that process and motivate you along the way.

Nature-Connected Coaching

Life coaching alone is a transformational experience. Bringing our sessions into nature magnifies the power of the process. Nature-connected coaching takes the session out of the office and into the natural world.

Whether it’s a meeting in a local park or a hike on a nearby trail, nature adds another layer to your wellness. If you’re struggling to get into nature on your own, nature-connected life coaching can serve to bridge that gap.

In the same way seasons alter the landscapes around you, life coaching supports you through your own inward transition. Shedding old layers and unhelpful habits makes room for new experiences and

One example is the metaphor of “change” that occurs in the seasons. As the leaves start to fall it reminds me to shed the old to allow the new to come in. This is almost a time of rebirth for me and a reminder to stay in the present moment and leave the past.

Life coaching sessions are usually scheduled anywhere from 1-3 hours depending on how much time you need. Through these sessions we focus on having a transformational experience and work on methods to implement our discoveries into your daily life.

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