Integrated wellness program

Integrated Wellness Program

Integrated Wellness Program Includes:

  • Professional Life Coaching – Two in office or video conference life coaching sessions are included every month. These sessions are to discover a new way of approaching body image, pulling back the seductive veil of food and body “stuff”. So that you can finally see the truth, and uproot your demons. The goal is to feel confident, beautiful, worthy, strong, and finally know you are good enough.
  • On-site Fitness Coaching – Four sessions a month are included, unless otherwise discussed. One-On-One hour in-person sessions done at private training facility. Workouts are tailored for you based on your abilities and specific goals. All workouts include a dynamic warm up and cool down. Exercise plans are developed for on-your-own workouts
  • Doctor Oversight (if required)– A doctor will provide a before and after physical and health marker screen. This is so we can gauge progress and what is safe for you. You may use your primary care doctor or request a referral from one of our partner doctors.


Thank you for your interest in the Integrated Wellness Program. The primary focus of this program is on health and body image. Individuals needing extreme weight loss, weight gain, pre and post bariatric patients, body dysmorphia, and any stress and/or anxiety around body image.

The program will use a holistic approach;

  1. Doctor oversight (if required)
  2. Professional face-to-face Life Coaching
  3. On-site Fitness Coaching (at our gym or at your residence or personal gym)

The goal of the program is to get you comfortable with not only yourself but taking back control of your life through eating habits, positive self-talk, and getting educated on how to use the gym in a productive way on your own to provide maximum success for whatever your goals may be.

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