Corporate wellness coach

Corporate Wellness Coach

Individual or Up to 20 Employees

Corporate Wellness Company Benefit 

Every company has a laundry list of things that “would be nice” to do. Revitalizing company culture and bolstering employee connections usually sits high on that list but ends up skipped over time and time again.

MindBodyBuild offers corporate life coaching that makes reviving the culture at your company an enjoyable process. Our corporate wellness coaches work with your teams of up to 20 employees and set up a space to:

  • Assess the existing work environment
  • Address employee retention rates
  • Set achievable goals moving forward
  • Build a shared understanding of company vision
  • Strengthen team communication
  • Increase individual and team performance
  • Encourage a better work/life balance
  • Restore motivation and productivity
  • Improve self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Improve employees’ professional and emotional wellness

When you decide to take the time to prioritize your company, work through existing concerns, and reduce employee turnover rates, corporate wellness coaching offers an undeniable return on investment.

Group Professional Development and Corporate Wellness Coaching

Progressive companies know and understand the value of their team and invest in their performance and growth, well-being, and professional development. They understand that happy corporate culture is a more productive one. Coaching is one of the best tools available to companies to bring about change and transformation in their people.

MindBodyBuild group corporate life coaching focuses on strategies and topics that we outline ahead of time during a consultation and organization call. The overall direction of professional development and corporate wellness coaching focuses on improving employee performance to increase your company’s bottom line.

Our corporate wellness consultants will determine the amount of time per session and the talking points you want to address at each. In blocks of 1 to 3 hours, we’ll outline various exercises, experiments, and assignments in a forward-looking space set for learning and personal betterment.

MindBodyBuild is here to help you improve your employees’ ability to problem solve, think outside the box, expand productivity, and strengthen company culture. Group corporate life coaching not only benefits your employees as a team but as individuals as well.

Could Your Company Benefit From Coaching?

Our corporate wellness coaches talk with company owners, presidents, and CEOs who question the real outcomes of a group coaching service. You might wonder whether you really need third-party insight and guidance, if your team truly needs the help. And you aren’t alone in those concerns.

According to the 2009 International Coaching Federation Global Coaching Client Study:

“Several focus group participants indicated that, prior to experiencing it themselves, they had negative perceptions of coaching and the people who use it. In many cases, it was perceived to only be for people with problems or those who can’t ‘do it on their own’ rather than a tool that can help people excel and teach them new skills. 

“Importantly, while participants in the focus groups did hold some negative views on coaching prior to commencing coaching themselves, these negative views were dispelled once the coaching process started and all ended up viewing the process positively.”

Forward-thinking companies are always looking for ways to keep productivity up and employees engaged. Providing your team with a day or two of coaching could be the thing they need to reconnect and revitalize their approach to work.

One-On-One Coaching Sound Like a Better Fit?

If you’re more interested in the idea of personal coaching, individual career coaching might be the move for you. Find out more about one-on-one coaching here.

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