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Working Out at 50: The Lies, Myths, and Truths with Scott Coleman

Talking with Scott about starting his powerlifting journey and starting to workout in his 50’s was a blast. Working out at 50 is not only a huge goal but it can set you on a whole new healthy lifestyle path. In this podcast we crush so many myths about fear, crushing goals, and staying healthy at 50. There are so many lies that the media and influencers portray that we cover. Scott tells us about all the benefits he has experienced on his journey and how great getting fit at 50 can feel. He is so passionate about spreading the word to other “old guys” that it is never too late to start working out. I talk about mindset and how walking through the fear is the hardest part. The fear tells us starting is hard, you will get hurt, and you don’t need it. Once you snub out the fear the sky is the limit.


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Written Transcript

Ben Florsheim 0:20
Welcome back everybody to the mind body build podcast. My name is Ben Florsheim, I’m your host and today I’m joined with Scott Coleman. Scott Coleman and I have known each other for I think about a year now,

Scott Coleman 0:30
at least

Ben Florsheim 0:30
Yeah, at least and met him through glory cloud coffee, which is a coffee company here in Reno. Great coffee. He actually brought me over some, some special tea that I asked for awesome. It’s just some great tasting tea,

Scott Coleman 0:43
Actually. That’s not where we met. Oh, we met at the coffee and commerce with the Chamber of Commerce and I went up to you to rebuke you for being more jacked than me. I was devastated.

Ben Florsheim 0:54
I remember you from that because I kept going to those meetings, the like the last Friday of every month or whatever it was, and you were still showing up to

Scott Coleman 1:04
I was supplying the drinks. Yeah, the coffee. Yeah,

Ben Florsheim 1:07
man. I didn’t remember that until just now. I’m no longer part of the Chamber of Commerce.

Scott Coleman 1:11
Currently, I’m not either because of the shutdown like it wasn’t gonna do me any good. Now as things open up, maybe I will go back.

Ben Florsheim 1:19
If you haven’t checked out glory cloud definitely check out the you know, the copy, he’s he’s got a pretty cool setup over in sparks. And they also have an online where you guys can subscribe to your coffee as well.

Scott Coleman 1:31
empties, 30 teas and herbals glory cloud

Ben Florsheim 1:34
Nice. His spot has been monumental. In my business. I’ve been meeting. I have many clients down there but met a lot of referral partners at the coffee shop. And it’s you know, like I said, has been monumental for my business. So thank you for having me. Yeah, it’s been cool. The coffee and the tea is not why I asked God to be on here today. secret. Like Scott said something that kind of attracted us, well attracted him to me. And then you know, me, obviously back was, you know, our, you know, mutual love for health and fitness. And, uh, Scott started talking to me about some of the stuff that he’s got going on and what he’s doing and what he’s turned his garage into. And I want to start off here and this is, you know, you might hate me for this question. But for everybody that’s out there. How old are you Scott?

Scott Coleman 2:18
I am damn near 56 damn near 56.

Ben Florsheim 2:21
And what what is your workout routine look like right now.

Scott Coleman 2:26
If I’m doing a heavy powerlifting workout, then it’ll be every other day. With my work schedule. I can’t always do that. So I will do some more bodybuilding type stuff. Actually, throughout the day at work. I got pull up rings there and some lighter weights that I can do some stuff that’s just you know, hypertrophy, beauty muscle stuff, but when I really want to get down and dirty and have the time that I really wipe out my CNS and crushed my central nervous system for older Dude, I power lifted my garage I got a couple cages, like 1000 pounds of weight. I can’t move that much. But I got nice squat rack and good bench. Great place for dead lifting and big screen to plug in my podcasts and other things watch a ton of Mark Bell and Chris Duffin and Matt winning and some of the elite FTS dudes and some of those dudes, I actually was just watched found a couple videos of when I went up and visited Kabuki strength in Clackamas and got a tour with Chris stuff, and I got to talk to him, I got to work out next to him. And it was ridiculous. Like, he’s three times as strong as me. Kabuki is,

Ben Florsheim 3:43
I mean, they got some cool stuff going on. I mean, they’re, you know, he’s really all about, like joint health and like warming up and

Scott Coleman 3:49
because he broke himself, that’s why he invented the things like that shoulder rock. I bought that and that fixed my shoulder, like my right shoulder. I couldn’t lift above my chin.

Ben Florsheim 4:00
That’s my plain prehistoric

Scott Coleman 4:02
piece of equipment, right? Like it’s the mace that you can have has a collar in weights. And then you can put whatever weights on it you want.

Ben Florsheim 4:10
Yeah, it looks like this kind of prehistoric, you know, like, I’m gonna go smash something when I smash you makes me feel

Scott Coleman 4:15
like a Viking

Ben Florsheim 4:16
exactly Vikki. That is Yeah, took the word right out of my mouth. So yeah, some big names in the industry there. And one of the things that you are two of the things that you said that I want to reiterate for all those guys, three things, correct me 56 years old bodybuilding, heavy powerlifting. And, you know, for everybody that’s out there, man. I mean, those are like, I want to bust some myths right now.

Scott Coleman 4:41
Yeah, well Duffin did that for me, I went up there to visit my daughter, and just to take a tour, and that was like, actually, the weekend that we found the coffee and tea guru that we brought back to Reno, who was from Reno who was up there. And when I took the tour of deafens gym, I thought, Hey, I’m just Going to see the place where he’s in the office and says, Hey, I’m Chris, I know who you are watch all your videos. And then he pulls his laptop out and talks, we go around his gym for like 15 minutes. And he showed me his spreadsheet of his workout. And he’s got speedometers and the barbells. So he knows what his next wait is going to be, depending on how fast he’s moving that day. So he’s just blowing my mind with that kind of stuff. And then he told me the story of his partner in the business who we came in with at 57. And Chris asked the guy, what do you want to accomplish? And the guy said, I just want to maintain, while I age, and Chris cussed him out and said, Bs, I’m gonna make you stronger than you’ve ever been in your life. And that guy’s 71 and now breaking his own powerlifting world records.

Ben Florsheim 5:52
So he was 57 at the time when Yeah, wow. And are you subscribing to some of the same goals for yourself?

Scott Coleman 6:00
Oh, mentally, that just shattered the bar. And we’re not trying to instantly saw that. And I was, so that’s four years ago. So 51 and a half or so when I went up there. And that just shattered what I thought was possible and went, wait a minute, my, my limits have been in my head. And my ideas what I could accomplish were way too damn small. So let’s see what we can do. I love it.

Ben Florsheim 6:27
56. And, and gaining strength, not even, you know, shattering the maintaining, right, like trying to gain strength. And they can have my dad though. And, you know, he’s, he’s out there. He’s stretching. He’s very active. You know, he’s, you know, he’s got a lot of joint pain, a lot of body pains, you know, beat himself up when he was younger, for sure. But using him as a little bit of an example. And knowing what I know about, you know, working out in order to overcome those pains, those ailments, you know, we need to be active. You know, you’re talking about complex movements in your mid to late 50s.

Scott Coleman 7:07
So I started to learn powerlifting movements at 53. I didn’t know how to do any of these movements. And, like, almost three plus years in two, I’m two weeks ago, I started to kind of like my squat for, like three years. This sucks. That sucks. I gotta tweak this, where do I put my toes? on my knees going out? am I sitting back enough? Just the form is amazing.

Ben Florsheim 7:32
Was there any fear going in of like, I’m in my 50s, I’m gonna get hurt. Or

Scott Coleman 7:38
if you have a photo, you can take a photo on my jacked up wrist. So I had a crotch rocket crash when it’s 47. First time I ever broke a bone wrote in an ambulance had surgery had narcotics and that one event. So six months after getting put back together by Reno Orthopedic Clinic here, I started doing some really light stuff and slowly thinking, you know, is this thing even going to hold any weight. And as it slowly got stronger, and stronger and stronger, and started to put some weight on there, like I was surprised that was the only fear. After talking to Duffin It was like there’s nothing to fear except what’s in our head, fear itself, the fear, we create the garbage lies of, hey, you’re, you’re going to have to take testosterone therapy, you’re going to lose your muscle mass, you’re gonna have all kinds of knee and joint pain and back pain, you’re just going to age and you need our big pharma stuff to keep you semi pain free while you slowly die, which I would say is 100% of people that are not out there taking care of themselves.

Ben Florsheim 8:48
I don’t I don’t know if you agree or disagree with that statement. But you know, if you’re not out there, staying active working out, you’re going to fall into that trap of the pharmaceutical industry, your body starting to break down on you, because you’re not utilizing it, you know, you’re kind of losing what you’re not using.

Scott Coleman 9:03
Right. Yeah, you know, Facebook is one of those things where it exposes everything. So I see the people that I went to high school with, and it’s like, oh my god, that my age, he looks terrible. Like what is going on? They look 10 years older than me.

Ben Florsheim 9:21
You and I were talking a little bit before before we got on and and I know that you know you want to create some awareness for you know, other dare I say old guys out there. Yeah, other other old guys out there that, you know, maybe want to be doing this don’t want to be doing this don’t want to be feeling the way that they’re feeling. You know, whatever their situation is. What is your vision for that? What do you you know, what do you want to bring into the world? What do you want to show the world?

Scott Coleman 9:49
One of my dreams would be to have a subscriber website where you have guys over 40 who are businessmen or entrepreneurs or some busy guys who don’t have time to come Through the Bs, and watch all the podcasts and read all the material. And I’d love to do like seven minute videos with experts like you and a bunch of the other people that we’re getting together with soon. And just say, Okay, what, in seven minutes summarize what we want this person to know. And just have them just get the truth downloaded to them, and allay the fears and rip off the myths and help them understand, oh, I don’t have to be afraid. I don’t have to quit. I can start wherever I’m at. And you can make progress from wherever you’re at. You’re not too old, ever. Like you. I don’t know if you saw this lady’s like 73 and just started and in three years, she’s more jacked than me and like, How in the hell did she do?

Ben Florsheim 10:48
It, period? Scott, and one of the questions I have for you, you know, for yourself and for what you’re talking about is what did you need to know? And what do you feel like people out there need to know?

Scott Coleman 10:59
Right before I turned 50, I was this, I worked for Mercedes Benz arena, and they got bought by a big corporation who came in and give us blood tests before they sign us up for the health insurance stuff. And my BP and cholesterol were slightly into the yellow and I was pissed. I’m thinking, I’m grumpy, depressed vodka. I stream a Holic, lazy, sedentary dude, and I’m barely in the yellow. That’s as bad as I am right now. Let’s see how good I can get. So that was my trigger. That was my internal motivation. And from there, I just started research and like crazy.

And I was amazed at how much bs is out there. Like how do you find the truth about nutrition, and exercise. And there’s like eight doctors that I really, really like that I listen to their nutrition stuff. And six of them disagree with each other on a ton of where do you get your protein sources from? Like, what in the heck, if they’re that jacked up? How do you trust the science? When the elite Doc’s don’t even agree on some of the basic stuff. And these aren’t even the guys that are pushing big food and all the processed food junk that is just everywhere? So it got down to Well, what do I really need to eat? And then I think Ben pakulski was one of the guys that kind of gave me a new idea where he only eats like, eight things. That’s his entire menu, like,


simplify this stuff and eat real food and narrow it down to what works for your gut. And what helps you respond.

Ben Florsheim 12:41
Yeah, I’m so tired of people saying, Well, you can’t eat someone’s read me. And I’m like, you know what, I eat red meat for like, three out of six meals a day. And I feel great. But But you’re right, I mean, it, what works for you and for your gut. And, and, you know, there’s no cookie cutter, one size fits all. And, you know, I’m sorry to say that, and I’m sorry, you know, if I just shattered anybody’s bubble out there, but we are such a quick fix society. And we’re after the next best thing, the next best diet, you know, the whatever is gonna get me to where I want to be, and whatever, I think I want to be the fastest. And I’m sure you know, I hear it in your voice. And I’m sure you feel the same way. Man. I’m just tired of people looking out and, and relying on these quick fixes. Because it’s, it’s not, it’s not the road to success. You know, it’s not the long term. In my experience, you know, a lot of these diets work short term, if you want to go get on stage, if you know, bodybuilding stage, you want to get you know, ready for a wedding. There’s a specific date in mind that you want to look good for, you know, 48 hour period, or maybe you can get a week out of it for a vacation. Like, you know, that’s one thing. I’m not gonna sit here and say that’s healthy, because it’s not,

Scott Coleman 13:54
do you have a number for that, like where a dude’s body percentage is like, that’s just too low to be healthy.

Ben Florsheim 14:02
So my body fat percentage right now is right around 12%. And in order to be on stage, so if we’re talking about you want to step on a bodybuilding stage, you’re anywhere from four to six, yeah, or just under four, I would say six is probably too high. And, and you can maintain that for about 48 hours right before your body starts to go you know, this, this is a hospital, great for the photos, total

flight or fight mode and your body starts to retain water, you know, you stop going to the bathroom and you know, the sodium catches up with you, I mean, all of these things and then you know, you have a heart attack. So yeah, maintaining that, you know, these people that are looking online and seeing these influencers, right, like those guys are taking 1000s of photos and I’m then week long playing them throughout

Scott Coleman 14:51
the whole year. So you think they look that good? Exactly.

So that’s, I mean, should be illegal to lie. like that in marketing, you know, and I’ll say

Ben Florsheim 15:01
man, like a lot of my clients are totally triggered by the width by the number on the scale. And that is all from influencers, from society, you know, societal norms, you know, all of the stuff that doesn’t matter, but it’s so deeply ingrained in us and that’s where you’re like, I just want to get so far away from this quick fix mentality and you know, start showing people a healthier way and I think that’s the you know, the other thing that’s very attractive to you know, to you for me, and you know, this path and just, you know, wanting to be healthy and spread that love and, you know, show other people that there’s other ways out there and there’s right there’s better ways. If you enjoyed this podcast, please like and subscribe This podcast is brought to you by Harmonia, CBD, Harmonia CBD has a great full spectrum CBD and they’re one of the leading companies in the CBD market today. If you’d like to support this podcast, please follow the link below and use code Mind Body build for 10% off your order for Harmonia CBD. Yes, listen at 51 right? Yeah, that’s, that’s right. Well, they’re great. It’s

Scott Coleman 16:11
like two and a half years in, I met my goals that I hadn’t initially set. And then I had to start over. Okay, here’s what’s happened, what’s my new goal gonna be. And then three plus years later, it changes regularly with, we are an experiment, you experiment, every time you eat something different. Every time you do a slightly different movement or workout and learn how your anatomy works with whether you’re doing a deadlift or bench or whichever lift it is trying to figure out how to do it, right. So you’re not hurting yourself and being consistent, and are you in the rep range, you want to build muscle or to build strength, which are different. Like I didn’t know, a lot of that kind of stuff. Like I really wasn’t. And still, I’m not that concerned about a bodybuilder physique. On when I look fairly symmetrical, and it’s weird with powerlifting, you got to do other stuff, or you’re not gonna have any shoulders, biceps, they’re just they don’t do that. So learning all this stuff along the way. And it’s like putting a teaspoon of sand onto your Hill, every workout and every meal. It’s so minute. And you don’t see the changes unless somebody bumps into you and says,

holy cow,

what did you do what happened to you, and then it’s like, oh, there was progress. And maybe I didn’t notice it. Like I, I put on the COVID 12, I gained 12 pounds, and most of its muscle because I had access to a gym, which the idiots in government shut down. So I had the gym in my garage. So I couldn’t lift like crazy. And I wasn’t eating out because the restaurants were closed, or it was harder to access them. So my gut got healthier because I wasn’t eating any restaurant food. I was like, oh, simplify your food, and workout more, be less sedentary, which I’ve heard some guys say sedentary is the new cancer. And I see that with people just dissolving as they age by being sedentary, and then complaining about things and their aches and pains. And it’s like, well, what’s going to trigger you to change? What’s going to motivate you internally to do something about it? Oh, I’ll take a pill. And then I’ll go eat my carbs that I know cause more inflammation, but I still prefer those because that’s my normal. So it’s like banging your head against the wall? How do you encourage or inspire people to want to be different and to be healthy. So that’s what I’m trying to find out what the heck that light switch is to help guys over 40

Ben Florsheim 19:07
you and I’ve talked a little bit about my my, my my life coaching and you know what I feel like my purpose is. And one of the things that I’m doing right now I am working with a health coach here in town, and we just put on a 60 day challenge. And we had about I think we had about 20 people sign up for the 60 Day Challenge. It was very, very price friendly. And the reason that we wanted to do it that way, because I wanted to bring my services on, and I wanted to see the effect that my services would have on a challenge. Okay, and what I know about challenges in the past that I’ve seen that I’ve been a part of, that I’ve seen other people be a part of is they have great success for the 3045 60 days, whatever it is, and there’s no lasting change, that it’s the same thing as these crash diets. That’s like the turn the switch off and don’t do it. don’t maintain, I don’t know if it’s the switch so much as I feel like most of these challenges, if you have a nutrition coach, they are subscribing to a certain diet. And when I hear the word diet, I think of an end date. I never think of a diet isn’t

Scott Coleman 20:19
a challenge the same way they’re thinking this isn’t sustainable, I have an end date, and then I’m going to eat a gallon of ice cream and,

Ben Florsheim 20:27
and so the challenge that we brought to market was something that is going to be sustainable, and something that we can teach you and show you for the rest of your life. And the diet that we use, I use diet the term very, very loosely, it’s more of a plan, the plan that we put forth for these clients was something that we could show them how to substitute other foods in and out for it was a you know, as a, it’s a blanket plan of this is the calorie structure that’s going to work really well for you. These are the foods that we think that would be best for you. And this is how you can sub some of these foods out if there’s something you don’t like, if there’s something you’re getting tired of, if you absolutely have to go have sushi on Friday night, like oops, I did not showing you how to do that. And that is all on that nutrition coach that I’m working with. And my part in it was showing how to get a lasting change. And what I feel like has been missing in this industry for so long is and I’ll use one of my clients as an example. I had a guy that was 320 pounds, he wanted to get down to 250 70 pound loss. And we started talking about what is that 250 pounds self look like? What does it feel like? How do you carry yourself?

Scott Coleman 21:41
chatted, that’s your end goal, your dream? What’s what would that feel like to obtain that exactly. And

Ben Florsheim 21:47
people at that weight, I didn’t even realize this until I until I started working with pre and post bariatric patients. People that that weight walk into a restaurant and look out at the restaurant floor and how am I going to navigate to my table without bumping into anything. I didn’t realize how deep that 320 pounds self goes. And so

Scott Coleman 22:10
self esteem was just a wreck to start with

Ben Florsheim 22:13
total yet totally shot the you know, the perception of self was so low. And the reason you know talking about that 250 pounds self before we ever even get there is so that when it is attained, you feel it, you know it and it goes so much deeper than the weight itself, because now you have something to associate it with. And that person might even start feeling that way and really get in touch with that self, before the everything get to that 250 pounds. And now that the scale at the scale doesn’t matter. I’m confident, I feel great. I can go jump in the pool destroy fear

Scott Coleman 22:56
and insecurity in order to build that confidence so that they’ll persevere. Because perseverance seems to be the biggest key. Am I gonna be consistent? Or am I got to persevere every day? make progress every day, and whatever it is. And diet. Yeah, I hate that word. Don’t use it. It’s my nutrition is my fuel. It’s my building block. So I’m looking at the food as what’s going to build me toward my current 1100 pound total powerlifting goal. And I’m at like 1020 1030. So it’s what else do I need to do to get their work on form, every time I touch the bar, practice, great form, eat well sleep well de stress, do the things that build the confidence, and then hope that rubs off on 300 pounds. Because I’m not currently in a situation like you were that that gets to be your full time gig. You know, I

Ben Florsheim 24:06
dig that having that type of goal. And the reason that I really got into, you know that new versus old self thought process is because of what you were talking about and wanting to wanting to get into that 40 to 50 year old demographic. And that might be a great segue for you is like, what is their goal? Right? What do they want? How do they want to feel? And this path that I’ve gone on myself has given me those things, and maybe even for yourself that that 1100 pound powerlifting goal? What does that look like and feel like for you? Can you experience that before you actually lift that 1100 pounds and get in touch with that and start using that as some of that motivation?

Scott Coleman 24:56
Yeah, or it’s interesting concept. My buddy Kyle Thurman was part of my mastermind, we talk a lot about mindset and how to blow away your limiting factors and getting rid of your goals. So we, we did a deadlifting session at my house one time where we were attempting to not only focus on form, but once you got your max weight to have in your head, that’s still warm up. So how do you look at that, as that’s still a lightweight, I can move it multiple times. So let’s see what I can do. Because we wanted to make sure that we weren’t already limiting with our heads, what our body could do,

Ben Florsheim 25:40
happens to be so so often with reps, even, like, I’m just gonna do 10 reps, and then I try and do 11 it’s like, I can’t do that

Scott Coleman 25:48
your brain turned it off. The switch stopped. Yeah, so I get that I get that. Yeah, a lot of times, when I’m doing my heavy working sets, I don’t care about a rep range, I’m not counting anything, I’m just going until there’s like a half rep left in the tank, or one rep. And most of the time, I don’t have a spotter. So my mom would be terrified. And most people would be scared, oh my god, you’re gonna get hurt. Like, I know how much I can do. And I know how to dump the weight if I need to. But I’m gonna frickin move this stuff, cuz I’m not going to look like Schwarzenegger does now. I won’t be able to look like he did back in his 30s but I like way better than he does right now.

Ben Florsheim 26:39
Talking about getting other guys like you at that age motivated and you know, certainly do use some of these complex movements and walk through that fear for themselves. And what that could do to someone, you know, on a fuck even on a genetic level, like, you know, starting to walk through fear it at age 40 I can only imagine, you know, I mean, I got a few more years. And walking through here your dad Well, what you know, walking through fear now is is is scary, right? Add another five years, another 10 years, another 20 years to that walking through fear. It might get easier. I don’t I don’t know.

Scott Coleman 27:24
I think I have a psychosis of confidence in some areas related to sports and athletics. Like I’m not gonna quit. I know, I can get better at stuff. And your body changes over time. So you go with what you like, I used to ride 100 mile bike rides for fun, and do these crazy long distance rides from the northwest Reno up to Tahoe and back on a Saturday morning as a training ride just for fun. And kind of what killed that was hanging out with a guy who would do twice that distance, who had a beer belly and no shape. And it’s like, I at least want to look like I did something. So if this guy is better than me at this cardio thing, and doesn’t look good. Then I’m going to start putting on some muscle. And I was a skinny guy until I was like 38 and I could not put on any muscle and I didn’t bench 225 till I was 41. And three weeks ago, I got my first 300 pound plus benchpress at a body weight of 210. So I’m gone. Hmm. There’s still a lot of room to grow. And I don’t have to put on a ton of muscle. And here’s the other thing we haven’t said on this podcast. I’m on nothing. I’ve never touched sarms steroids, Tran HGH, tr T’s parties. I’m on zero pharmaceuticals and I don’t take ibuprofen, Advil, none of those things. I go barefoot if I need some anti inflammatories and go walk on the grass and sit outside. I do a little bit of the Wim Hof stuff not not consistently but I do the cold showers here and there. But it’s not like I need those to keep me motivated. So it’s just it’s more of getting rid of more of those myths. You don’t have to be on stuff to get stronger. Like most of that can be obtained through good nutrition through a eggs and red meat and some certain fish certain fishes garbage.

Ben Florsheim 29:36
What what what are your max lifts right now?

Scott Coleman 29:40
That’s that’s one of those goals we got to work on where that’s why I was chatting with you about deadlifts a few weeks ago going I can do 365 for six on a deadlift and I can’t get 385 off the floor. What the heck, and squats. I am my current reps or I’m doing set For four, or five sets of four or five reps with 335, and then the bench, my working sets are usually 245 or 255. And I haven’t maxed that I just that when I did that three or five, it was just to get that barrier of the 300 number out of my head. So I think I can do 315 320 something, if I

Ben Florsheim 30:20
needed to. It’s awesome. One of my last questions for you, Scott, what? For the for the other old guys out there. What is something that you would like to say to you know, to those guys that are listening?

Scott Coleman 30:36
I think a lot of them have false beliefs in their head that say, I can’t change, I can’t get any better. So I’m just gonna sit here and watch TV and play golf once in a while. Like there’s these wrong mindsets that you can’t put muscle on that you’re already atrophied, that your bones are shattered and osteoporosis and all these big pharma commercials are just feeding the fear and feeding the lies. So it’s, it’s to start with, dude, you can get stronger, you can build some muscle, you don’t have to work at getting gigantic, but you can start and you will feel so much better. You will sleep without knee pain and ankle pain and wake up without your back aching. It’s just there’s so much fear to just rip away and say there’s so many lies being vomited at us all the time. Let’s just flush all that stuff down the toilet and start where you’re at. And do one of something. My dad’s 81 and he’s pushing me now because I think maybe the the motivation was he saw what I was doing and started to work a little harder. That’s cool. So he’s doing he can do a set of 45 pushups. Holy crap. I can only do 60 like what in the heck this dude that is really cool.

Ben Florsheim 32:07
Teams are motivating each other. Yep, that’s awesome. Scott, thank you very much. It was it was awesome having you on and anybody that’s out there listening. If you’re local in Reno, you can always head down to glory cloud and pick Scott’s brain and have a cup of coffee with him. And you can always reach out to us over here at mind body builder as well. And again, you know one more plug for Glory, Glory cloud coffee, their coffee has been you know, great. I am a coffee snob and I just I love the flavor. I haven’t been drinking a ton of coffee lately, but you know, You’ll never catch me in the Starbucks. That’s for sure. Scott, thank you again.

Scott Coleman 32:44
You’re welcome. This was a blast. It’s

Ben Florsheim 32:45
been great. I

Scott Coleman 32:46
look forward to part two down the road.

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