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Getting Vulnerable

In today’s solo podcast episode I get vulnerable with the world. I love hosting my podcast and having guests to have conversations with and get different perspectives. However since I started the podcast I have wanted to do solo casts to give my own perspective, dive deeper into certain topics and get real! This is some scary shit for me and I am practicing vulnerability by walking through fear and being the change I want to see in myself and others. I challenge you to step out of your comfort zone, get vulnerable and do something scary!
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Written Transcript

Ben Florsheim  00:10

Hello, everyone and welcome back to the mind body podcast. I’m your host Ben Florsheim. Today we’re going to be doing something a little bit different. I’m going to start doing six minute clips with things that we’re talking about specifically in some of these podcasts and some other ideas and things, you know, opinions, you know, things in the fitness world things in the life coaching world specific topics that I really want to touch on and go a little bit more in depth on. And they’re going to be about six to 10 minutes. So I’d love to have you guys follow along with me on those. And today, since this is my first one, talking a little bit about stepping out of my comfort zone. And what that entails, for me today is, you know, I’ve found that I really love doing these podcasts, and I love having a guest on here with me and hosting and asking questions and, you know, filling in some of the gaps and, you know, really having some good conversation with the people that I have on the podcast. And today, it’s just me, and this is, you know, for some reason, it’s a very vulnerable thing for me, you know, talking kind of into space by myself, you know about specific topics, instead of having somebody else in, in the room with me here to kind of bounce things off of and have some conversation with. So talking a little bit about that vulnerable state for myself. And, you know, I’ve been wanting to, I’ve been wanting to put these, you know, six to 10 minute blasts out on the podcast for quite a while now. And my, I’ve kind of gotten in the way myself with it, to be honest with you. And, you know, not wanting to step out of that comfort zone and staying comfortable and you know, really kind of hitting a wall with it, to be honest with you guys, and been reading, you know, a few inspirational books, a couple of which are the David Goggins book, you can’t hurt me. And Jocko willings strategies for leadership, I think I might have that a little off, but. And I really like how in David Goggins book, he talks about telling on yourself and sitting in front of the mirror every day, and you know, being the only one that’s out there that can really tell on yourself and, you know, looking at having to look at yourself in that mirror, and getting honest and, you know, telling on yourself, and that’s kind of what I’m doing now, kind of more on a monumental level, I’m on the podcast today, kind of telling myself to all of you guys, and, you know, really, like I said, stepping out of my comfort zone, and wanting, you know, this to be a part of this podcast, and really getting out of my own way, and, you know, making it happen. Because I really feel like, you know, I’ve got some great knowledge to share with you guys and some and some knowledge that, you know, I really want to share. And, you know, being able to do it on a platform, such as this, you know, I think can be a very powerful thing. And I’ll just tell you about some of the, you know, some of the crazy things that my, you know, my head says to me, as I’m sitting here, as I’m thinking about sitting here talking to you guys, you know, nobody’s gonna listen to me, you know, what, if I’m not on enough platforms, you know, I want to get the video I want to do YouTube, I want to do, you know, all of these different things, and instead of just sitting down and doing it and, and getting something out there. And, you know, that’s what I’m doing. I’m sitting down, I’m getting vulnerable with you guys. And I’m getting the content out there. And because this is something that I’m super passionate about, you know, life coaching, you know, being a catalyst for people, helping people you know, reach their goals, reach their limits, push through their vulnerabilities. That’s, that’s what my coaching is all about. That’s what I love. And so if I can’t do it, you know, how can I How can I expect my clients to do it? And so, you know, like I said, I’m, I’m here telling myself getting super vulnerable with you guys. And, you know, getting, getting this message out of, you know, of coaching, of being vulnerable, of, you know, stepping through of telling on yourself You know, hoping that by telling on myself and you know, having somebody out there listening, that is able to tell on themselves and you know, step through some of that vulnerability in their own life, and, you know, be the change that they’re looking for, and start doing something different. Because if you don’t start, you know, it won’t happen. And something that my dad used to say, and something that I say, you know, to those around me today as well, if nothing changes, nothing changes. And so, here’s my first step to my change, and getting vulnerable. So thank you guys for listening and step out of your comfort zone. Make some make some change, Be the Change telling yourself. Thank you.

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