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Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northern Nevada

In this episode we are doing a business spotlight on a great non—profit organization, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northern Nevada and we are joined with the Community Development Director, Karrie Craig. Karrie’s primary job is to meet people in the community and show the need for volunteers in Big Brothers Big Sisters. Part of the mission of Big Brothers Big Sisters is that all kids have promise and just because they come from a single parent or low-income home doesn’t dictate who they will become. BBBS serves as an intervention for these kids and those that are part of the program are less likely to get involved in juvenile services, use drugs, and are more likely to graduate. Mentors (Bigs) are filling roles that parents may be unable to fill. There are many ways to support Big Brothers Big Sisters; you can become a mentor, or you can donate goods or monetarily.

It was a pleasure to get to know Karrie and have her on the podcast. 

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