What should I do with my time during COVID-19?

What Should I Do With My Time During COVID-19? Top 10 Activities to Try Out During Your COVID-19 Quarantine

COVID-19 has caused a drastic shift in the way the world operates over the past month, putting the majority of the world into a COVID-19 quarantine. You’re most likely grouped in with the part of the population that’s stuck at home for days at a time. 

It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that you aren’t good enough if you aren’t using this quarantine time to completely rehaul yourself. Social media would have you believe there’s never been a better time to get back into shape, start that business you and your partner have planned, and become trilingual, all at one time. 

Truth is, this time of COVID-19 quarantine is challenging for many people. Millions lost their jobs, have to homeschool their kids, and still need to find a way to pay their bills. You aren’t failing as a person if you haven’t found a way to meditate and exercise daily and read a new book every week.

Don’t fall for the trap of believing you need to change every aspect of your life during this downtime. Getting down on yourself will only make your stress and anxiety levels worse. But spending your time doing nothing won’t help, either. Find a middle ground instead: pick one or two of these activities to try out during your time in COVID-19 quarantine!

1. Pick something you’ve wanted to do that you’ve been putting off until “another time.”

You most likely have a list of things you’ve wanted to try but said, “I’ll do it later when I have more time.” Don’t overwhelm yourself by looking at and feeling like you need to tackle every task that you’ve ever thought of. Instead, pick one or two things that sound the most interesting and try them out this week!

2. Make a call to a friend or family member each day. 

It’s important to stay in touch with others during this COVID-19 quarantine. Don’t set out trying to stay in touch with the entirety of your contact list, though. Keep in touch with a close group

of friends and family while confined to your home. Set up calls with loved ones to check in on each other. Ask family members to share funny stories or reminisce with childhood friends. Try to encourage one another during these difficult times.

3. Start a journal.

There’s never been an event that impacted society in the way that COVID-19 has. Now is a great time to start documenting your days in a journal. It will be interesting to look back on this time a year or two from now and remember these times you spent in quarantine. Avoid pressuring yourself and feeling like you need to write something incredible. Keep it simple and jot down something funny your child did or a friend said.

4. Discover a type of exercise you enjoy.

COVID-19 quarantine isn’t the best time to build up that six-pack you’ve told yourself you want. But avoiding exercise entirely isn’t a great approach, either. There are so many different ways to get your body moving and your blood flowing. Try a few types of kinds of exercise to see which you like the most. Take a walk, go for a jog, follow a yoga flow on YouTube, set a personal pushup challenge, jump rope, play with your dog. Your options are endless!

5. Practice pausing and being present.

Meditation sounds like an intimidating word and is full of preconceived ideas of what the practice looks like. Many believe you can’t meditate unless you’re sitting on a hilltop or at a spiritual retreat. All meditation really means is taking a moment to pause and be present where you’re at. Take a few breaths, take a look at where your feet are, and find gratitude for the simple things.

6. Complete a household task.

You likely have a few different things you’ve been meaning to get done around your house. Maybe you want to put some new pictures up on your bulletin board or clean out those old cans in your pantry. Don’t plan out an entire remodel of your interior design plan (unless that’s something you enjoy doing!). Pick one or two tasks and accomplish those this week. 

7. Learn a new recipe.

Cooking doesn’t need to be an intimidating, labor-intensive process. There are thousands of recipes online for people at every skill level to test out during this COVID-19 quarantine. Find a delicious recipe to try out with your partner or your family that you wouldn’t usually attempt. Bonus points if you can use it to help clear some things that have been sitting unused in your pantry!

8. Try out a free online class.

Tons of websites offer classes on hundreds of different subjects and topics. What’s something you’ve always wanted to learn? You don’t need to set out to graduate with a bachelor’s degree while you’re in your COVID-19 quarantine. But learn how to solve a Rubik’s cube or discover some fun, obscure history facts. You’ll be surprised to see what’s available! See Harvard’s list of free classes here.

9. Go on a virtual tour.

Travel is limited right now but that doesn’t mean you can’t still explore the world! You can take your own virtual trip around the globe by looking at Street View on Google Maps. Watch a documentary about somewhere you’ve always wanted to go or find some videos on YouTube about your dream destination! COVID-19 quarantine can’t keep you locked inside entirely.

10. Start working with a life coach.

You might find yourself incredibly overwhelmed during this COVID-19 quarantine and in need of some help and direction. Connecting with a life coach for a session or two might be a great idea. If you’re feeling behind or “less than” others during this time, talking with a life coach can help you check in with the reality of your situation. Set up a free video consultation to discuss some concerns you’re having and see whether a life coach can help you!