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Seven Daily Tasks to Have a Better Week This Week

Have you ever noticed how one small change in your day can make your whole week flow better or revive your spirit? Sometimes we concentrate on the big changes, but small changes in our life can have a huge impact on our daily experience. Try making these small daily changes this week and reflect in the changes make you feel spiritually or how your body feels physiologically.

Monday – Cook a meal from locally sourced (or organic if local is not available) whole food.

Do not use any processed products in your cooking process. Cooking at home is easier on your wallet, nicer on your body, and better for the environment, and using all whole foods may help you to discover you really enjoy the natural taste of an ingredient before adding anything extra. Plus, cooking all whole foods is a fun challenge to discover some new recipes! Start your week off right with a home cooked meal that is nutritious and good to your body.

Tuesday – Stretch your muscles for 30 minutes before starting your day.

Wake up a little earlier on Tuesday and start your day by stretching out your muscles. Stretching improves flexibility, increases blood flow to your body, can help with calming your mind and reducing stress, and can improve common ailments like back pain, bad posture, and headaches.

Wednesday – Drink 100 ounces of water throughout the day.

100 ounces may seem like a lot of water but spread throughout an entire day it is easily doable! Make today the day you challenge yourself to drink 100 ounces, and once you complete it, celebrate! Dehydration can really impact our overall health in a negative way, and hydration can easily make our body feel better. Once you achieve this goal once, you know you can do it, so start drinking more water on a daily basis!

Thursday – Disconnect from your electronics while sitting in a coffee shop or restaurant.

Take some time for yourself today and hang out with your cell phone or laptop. Go to your favorite coffee shop, grab a midweek pick me up, and just spend some time observing your surroundings. We spend so much time in front of screens now, we miss the world around us! Notice something new or talk to a new friend? What a great addition to your week!

Friday – Try a new workout or hobby that you have never tried before by yourself.

Trying something new has some great benefits that translate into other areas of your life. It can feel scary to do something new alone, and it is always awkward to be the new face in the crowd, but trying new things on a small scale helps you to learn mechanisms for overcoming fear, help to stimulate your creativity, and will allow you to get to know yourself a little better by discovering your likes and dislikes. By flexing these skills in this setting, you can flex them in other areas of your life (like in your work space).

Saturday – Do one thing that makes your space more “you.”

Is your work office plain jane with just a calendar on the wall or does your bedroom have the same comforter you used in your college dorm? If so, change it up so the time you spend there reflects more of your personality! Bring some cute pictures of friends or family to decorate your office or grab a new bed set that shows you no longer live in a shared room. Maybe you just need to do a little bit of reorganization to make a room feel more right to you, take some time out of your day to improve one space you see regularly.

Sunday – Write down a gratitude list of things that happened this week.

Sometimes we lose sight of all the things of all the things we should feel gratitude for and writing them down puts them into perspective. Plus, the more gratitude you have, the more you open yourself up to experiencing more. While getting ready for a new week, write down all the things you are grateful for in the past week, then look forward to more in the future!

Do you have any rituals you do daily to help improve your week? Making small goals or changes daily can help discover our most authentic selves. What are you going to do this week to impact it positively? This are all things we discuss in our life coaching sessions. To learn more click here.

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