Personal Trainer vs a Fitness Coach Benefits on Health

Personal Trainer vs. Fitness Coach: Benefits on Health

There are so many different titles when it comes to professionals in the health and fitness world. It can be hard to keep track of who does what, and what kind of coach you need, but it is essential to know the difference to get the most benefit for you!  Health and fitness excellence is such a personal journey – it is never a “one size fits all” model.  Knowing the difference between a fitness coach vs. a personal trainer is an important distinction.

Fitness Coaches Do More

Although a personal trainers can provide awesome input in the gym and help make the most out of your workout when you have a session with them, a fitness coach reaches further.  Not only do fitness coaches provide the same services in the gym regarding your workout, they also help you achieve your fitness goals by encompassing the hours outside the gym and outside their sessions as well.  Fitness coaches build a personal relationship with you, work to reach goals surrounding all aspects of mental, physical, and social health, and provide support in order to reach those goals.

The difference between a fitness coach vs. personal trainer is also apparent in the job title.  A personal trainer provides training whereas fitness coaches provide coaching.  A fitness coach can help keep you accountable and moving forward in reaching health goals even in trying times like holidays!

Fitness Coaches Require a Commitment From Both the Coach and the Client

Convinced that a fitness coach is the right move for you?  It is essential to recognize not only necessary traits to ensure your fitness coach is fit for the job, but also know that no results will come if you are not committed yourself.  Let’s look at both requirements:

A good/effective fitness coach should:

  • Be a great active listener
  • Be encouraging, but realistic
  • Help clients identify their “why” and build goals that fit this
  • Be able to give constructive feedback
  • Provide clear communication, responses, and input when necessary
  • “Click” with the client

A client that will gain the most from fitness coaching should:

  • Be ready to take on the responsibility of change
  • Have time to invest in making real change
  • Have reasonable expectations of how quickly change can occur
  • Be self-aware
  • Be open to constructive criticism and open to deep conversations
  • Provide clear communication, responses, and input when necessary
  • “Click” with the coach

Fitness coaches do not necessarily need to be in person, and with so many apps and great platforms for communication – someone who is looking for a fitness coach will have many options to find one that works the best for them.  Once you have picked your fitness coach, make sure to communicate some short-term goals you may have (don’t forget to include physical and mental health) as well as some long-term goals that can be obtained over time.  Having a fitness coach can help to keep you mentally and physically healthy throughout your journey whether you have just begun or have traveled far down the road.

Do you have a fitness coach or are you thinking about hiring one?  Talk to us on social media or check out our personal coaching to see how we can help you improve your physical and mental health today!

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