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How Important is Life Coaching For Teens?

When people think of life coaching, they often think of adults looking for guidance in their lives or professionals seeking direction in their careers. They think of people trying to take their fitness back into their own hands or those struggling with some mental blocks that hold them back from their potential. But life coaching for teens isn’t usually the first thing to come to mind.

This service might be more important than you realize, though. Teenagers are right in the middle of some of their most important developmental years. Adolescence is a difficult period for many teens as their minds and bodies begin to change and they start to recognize their true autonomy in the world. 

Some teenagers go to therapy for specific troubles or issues. Though the focus is on the problem at hand, the guidance a therapist provides is an advantageous tool during these years. Not all teenagers need the in-depth mental health services that a therapist provides, though, so they miss the important tools a therapist can provide.

Life coaching for teens may not be the first thing that comes to mind but it’s a great alternative to consider. Teenagers who don’t necessarily need the help of a therapist can find similar guidance and support through a life coach.

A Space to Uncover Their Truth

Teenage years are the time when young people begin to discover who they are. These are the years they find out what they’re interested in, start deciding who they want to be, and uncovering the values that are important in their lives. Navigating all these life changes can feel confusing and overwhelming, especially amidst the hormonal shifts in their brains.

It’s not easy to be a teenager nowadays, either. Social media and online bullying bring the troubles at school into the online realm, too. The need to fit in with the right group is more prominent today than ever before. This makes it difficult for teens to explore deeper questions or express who they are.

Teenagers also start separating themselves from their parents during this time. You may be the most open-minded and supporting parent in the world and still struggle to connect with your teenager. They may not be interested in sharing as much with you as they did when they were younger.

This is where life coaching for teens can help, too. The importance of life coaching for teens is that it offers a supportive, safe space for teenagers to share things they don’t want to talk about with a parent. Teenagers have complete freedom to dig into their truth, uncover what drives them, and sort through the messiness that comes with growing up.

Structure During the Difficulties of Adolescence

Life coaches for adults provide structure and guidance to their clients. Most coaching relationships exist to work through a particular problem at a time or to accomplish a specific goal. These things require structure and discipline, something that teenagers haven’t yet implemented the way that adults have.

Implementing structure during adolescence is crucial because it’s more likely to carry into their adult years. The sooner a young person can implement work ethic into their lives, the better. They’ll learn the habits they need to take action, follow through on their plans, and achieve what they set out to do.

Life coaching for teens can introduce the idea of creating a plan and implementing the discipline it takes to fulfill it. They’re less likely to feel like the idea is out of punishment since it’s not coming from their parents. They know that their life coach is there to help them accomplish their goals and make the most of their lives.

Planning For the Future

This might be the most common question that people ask the high schoolers they talk to: “So, where are you going to college?”

Planning for the future is a vital part of a teenager’s life. While the future is never set in stone, it’s good to have some sort of framework for what’s to come. Not all students are interested in a 4-year college, either. Some prefer to attend a trade school and move into the workforce after that. 

Schedule life coaching

Life coaching for teens can also function similar to a guidance counselor but with a more individualized approach. Guidance counselors work with dozens of students every day. A life coach has a specific set of people they work with so they can dive deeper into each individual’s life. They work with your teenager to outline their goals and plans for the future.

Your teen’s life coach will help them plan for the future in an accessible, enjoyable way. It’ll feel less like pressure to know what they want to do with their lives and more like exploring the possibilities of what’s available. Life coaching can make planning for the future a fun and exciting experience for your teen.

Implementing Healthy Coping Skills

Learning healthy coping skills is a crucial tool for teens to have. Young people without direction may turn to risky things to keep their nerves at bay. They should discover, learn, and implement positive coping skills that will help them not only during their teenage years but throughout the rest of their lives.

Life coaching for teens can be a great way for teens to find the coping skills that work for them. They can practice these skills during sessions each week, carry them into their lives once the session is over, and reflect on their effectiveness in the next one.

Life coaches are familiar with teaching people healthy coping skills. They understand the range of activities available and make recommendations based on their individual clients’ needs. Much like structure, developing healthy coping skills sooner rather than later makes an incredible difference in a person’s life.

Finding Life Coaching For Teens

Wondering how to find life coaching for your teenager? MindBodyBuild can help. We have extensive experience working with both adults and young people, helping them uncover their truth, connect with their values, and build a future they’re interested in pursuing.

To learn more about the importance of life coaching for teens and services we offer, schedule your free consultation call today. We’ll go over what we do, how we can help, and determine whether the MindBodyBuild solution is a good fit for you or your teenager!

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