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How Corporate Wellness Coaching Can Make a Difference

Take a quick scroll through the current job openings on LinkedIn. You’re guaranteed to find at least 75% of those listings talking about the great company culture they have at the office. They offer unlimited PTO, a stocked kitchen, and a benefits package you can’t turn down. But how many of these companies use the buzzwords to find applicants but fail to deliver that dream work environment?

Creating an enjoyable work environment is something that lots of companies are trying to do now. It started with foosball tables, pizza parties, and half-day Fridays but good employers are recognizing that workplace wellness is much more than that. You can’t expect people to work themselves into the ground while still producing results because you provide free lunch every day.

Instead, employers are finally accepting that the concept of work-life balance needs to be much more than wishful thinking. If you want employees who are dedicated to the company and genuinely want to do a good job, work-life balance is something you need to encourage them to pursue. Corporate wellness coaching is an important step in the right direction.

Some companies offer corporate wellness coaching as part of their office perks package. It might sound like another empty corporate promise if you aren’t familiar with the concept. But employers who are committed to their employees can take advantage of the benefits of corporate wellness programs and the benefits they bring to the work environment to create a healthy work life balance.

What is Corporate Wellness Coaching?

A corporate wellness coach is a health coach who works with employees to encourage them to make behavioral changes. They inspire and motivate employees to make a shift and then provide ongoing support. An employee trying to create a healthy work life balance or maintain the progress they’ve made can seek the help of the wellness coach for your company.

Corporate wellness coaching isn’t only about physical health, it’s about mental health, too. While diet and exercise are important for maintaining physical wellbeing, they are also critical components for mental wellbeing. Both the foods you eat and the amount of exercise you get affect your focus, mental clarity, emotional regulation, and overall mood.

Incorporating a coaching program at your office gives your employees a space where they can:

  • Identify and pursue their wellness needs and goals
  • Explore their internal motivators
  • Uncover potential blocks, obstacles, and difficulties
  • Discover their capabilities
  • Recognize the available resources
  • Pursue a more positive and healthy path 

It might seem like an empty investment to financially savvy business owners, though. Why should it be your responsibility to provide these services for your employees? Does investing in coaching truly make a difference in the workplace?

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Why Should You Offer Coaching?

Millions of adults in the United States are overworked and exhausted. Many have skewed priorities outside of the workplace and often neglect taking care of themselves. It’s easier to swing by a drive-thru on the way home from work instead of cooking a meal. Braving the after-work gym rush isn’t as appealing as leaving the office and relaxing on the couch.

These choices have led to some serious health problems, though. It doesn’t matter how great your in-office benefits may be if your employees aren’t caring for themselves at home. They’ll arrive at the office tired, feel stressed and on edge throughout the day, and then put in a half-hearted effort at best, day after day.

Offering corporate wellness coaching to your workforce may be the missing link. Most large corporations provide at least some form of health programs to their workers. According to MetLife Insurance, 92% of companies with 500 or more employees provide corporate wellness programs for their workers. If you’re a business owner, that’s a stat to pay attention to.

The Benefits of Corporate Wellness Coaching

Corporate wellness coaching may seem like an empty investment at first glance. How does supporting your employees’ physical health goals affect the workplace? It only takes a moment to realize the incredible potential these services offer. There are some of the top benefits of the dozens of positives that come from offering health coaching programs at your office. 

Lower Healthcare Costs

According to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 6 in 10 adults in the U.S. have a chronic disease. 4 in 10 adults have two or more conditions. The result? A $3.8 trillion annual total for healthcare costs. According to the same CDC data, the leading causes of disease in U.S. adults include tobacco use, excessive alcohol use, poor nutrition, and lack of physical activity. Solving these simple problems can lead to lasting positive impacts on health. Encouraging and supporting your employees as they pursue healthier habits will result in a lowered need for specialized healthcare services.

Positive Work Environment

When someone feels good both physically and mentally, they radiate that positivity. Providing corporate wellness coaching to your employees will help them create a healthy work life balance so that they feel better. That will inevitably translate into the work environment from how they perform their job, to how they interact with their colleagues, to the energy they bring into the workplace.

Higher Quality Production

Employees who are exhausted and overworked won’t be nearly as productive as those who care for their physical and mental wellbeing. Offering services that support their health endeavors leads to a higher quality of work. They’ll feel more energized and inspired to perform well and make fewer mistakes along the way.

Greater Degree of Employee Dedication

When an employee feels like management sees them as only another cog in the machine, they’re less likely to give it their all. On the other hand, an employee will feel more motivated to work when they know their employer cares about their wellbeing. When you provide a benefit that considers their personal life and wellbeing, they’ll be more dedicated to their job.

Finding Corporate Wellness Coaching For Your Company

Are you interested in corporate wellness coaching services for your company? Offering this as part of your benefits package is something that will more than pay for itself over time. To learn more about coaching programs or find out how you can get started with your own office, schedule a free consultation call today!

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