Boost Motivation When Times Get Tough 5 Tips

Motivation is something we all want an abundance of to help us keep driving forward towards our goals but, what do we do when we face a challenging time in our life?

When unexpected events happen in our life, we often find our motivation towards our goals diminishes. We become distracted by the negative events and can lose sight of what steps we need to take to move us forward. However, having an actionable plan to get you back on track can ensure that you get through difficult times with a more positive outlook and remain focused on your goals.

Firstly, what is motivation?

It’s your drive, it’s your ‘why’, it’s that feeling within you that lights you up and makes you excited. It is what gets you up out of bed every morning and keeps you putting one foot in front of the other to achieve your goals.

How much you want to achieve your goal, what you will gain, and your expectations are all key elements that affect your motivation. Motivation isn’t all about achieving your goals, it can help you to solve problems, adapt to challenges, and change habits.

Building Motivation

Before overcoming challenging times, it is important to understand what motivates you and what goals you want to achieve. Goal setting is different for everyone, but as a rule of thumb always keep at least one goal very specific and achievable. Set out a time you want to achieve this by, break down the steppingstones to get you there and don’t be afraid to share them with people who will support you and keep you accountable.

Staying motivated when things get hard

So, what do you do when you find yourself with no motivation anymore? Here are 5 tips to help get you back on track:

  1. Track your progress

Keeping track of your progress towards your goals is a great way to stay focused. Daily journaling is an easy technique to keep track of your actions and can also be a great way to stay positive. Often our mind can get cluttered with thoughts so writing them down on paper can feel like a weight has been taken off our shoulders.

This goes hand in hand with gratitude, writing down what you are grateful for and recognising your accomplishments however small can really help make difficult times feel less draining. Practicing gratitude is shown to shift perspective and move you from a negative thought process into a more positive and present feeling.

  1. Create a strong routine

Creating a daily routine can help take the thought process out of accomplishing your tasks. When facing a difficult time and motivation drops being able to go into ‘auto-pilot’ from a solid routine can keep you moving towards your goals with minimal effort.

It is also important to note that a solid routine can improve your overall health by reducing stress and improving sleep quality. Without routine it can be easy to become overwhelmed and unorganised. When this happens our motivation levels can drop due to feeling out of control. Faced with a challenging moment in life and suddenly you can feel like your goals are completely out of reach. Take time to assess your routine and make sure that it enhances your daily life.

  1. See failure as opportunity

We get taught from a young age that failure is bad however, it doesn’t need to be seen as a negative thing. In fact, many successful people like failure because they see it as an opportunity, a learning point, a moment to reflect.

Reframing the way you think about failure can make a big impact on your motivation. Our brains are programmed to automatically thing negatively, so it takes conscious effort to choose another option. Once you recognize your patterns and interrupt them enough times your brain will start to automatically pick the positive option.

  1. Connect to your ‘Why’

Your ‘Why’ is your reason for doing things and setting goals. It is what drives you to achieve and is often something with great personal meaning to you. Connecting to this reason regularly helps you to reset and refocus on what is important, and why you want to keep pushing forward.

When we are faced with difficult times in life and our motivation drops it can be easy to lose sight of our ‘why’. We get clouded by negative thoughts and can feel like giving up. Reconnecting to your ‘why’ reignites your passion and love for what you are trying to achieve and can be a quick way to boost motivation.

  1. Utilize a support network

Having people you can lean on for support can help put things back into perspective when life gets tough. When we are alone with our thoughts we can get into a negative spiral of negative self-talk. Having support from someone you trust, and respect allows you to air any concerns, get a different opinion, and provide accountability.

You can always go a step further with this and illicit help from someone more ‘professional’ in the line of providing valuable support. A coach or mentor will not only be there for you when you are struggling to move forward but will also provide tools and techniques to help you understand and overcome mental roadblocks.

A coach can often help you to accelerate your success, remove negative thought patterns, and explore a journey of self-development. If you are interested in this level of support, why not book a free call with us here.

Other resources

Bonus tip, reading and listening to motivational information and stories is another great way to boost your drive. We recommend starting with our podcast with Trevor Curtis. Trevor gives a deep insight into his difficult upbringing, changing your mentality to stay motivated, and is truly inspirational.

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