Better bodies, better minds, better beings. MindBodyBuild® is a holistic life coaching company that takes a balanced approach to transform people’s lives.

Our Mission

We’re life coaches who emphasize personal health. We inspire ambition and purpose in people, partnering with them to provide holistic lifestyle coaching services that maximizes their potential and achieves their unique goals.

If you are looking for a life coach, a personal coach, a wellness coach, a fitness coach, or a personal trainer with a focus on a holistic approach to health and wellness, get in touch with us today. Let your journey start now. We offer world wide virtual coaching and face-to-face in Reno, NV and the surrounding area.

Meet the Owner

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Owner-Life Coach Ben Florsheim has always had a passion for helping others whether it be from his past struggles with addiction or helping people unlock their true potential. Ben found sobriety at the age of 21 and has been sober since 2008. Ben does not let his battle with addiction define who he is. His journey contributes much to the man he has become and strives to be. Through his recovery he has had to rediscover who he is, hobbies, passions, and goals. This is how Ben found his passion for physical fitness and wellness, he has worked tirelessly to help support individuals within his community, both physically and through his sobriety. Health and fitness hold a very special place in Ben’s life that he intends to pass onto his clients. Ben is able to provide a unique type of service to his clients, as he is able to apply his background and skills he has learned to create a new fresh and appealing way become healthy and get your mind and body on the road to an active more fulfilling lifestyle. Ben enjoys his family time, traveling, and you can usually find him at the gym. Read More

Benefits of Coaching

Holistic Coaching

We work with the whole person and getting to the root of what may be out of balance in one’s life.

Professional Coaching

Focuses on setting goals, creating outcomes and managing personal change.

Who is the expert

Client is the expert in his or her own life.

Partner's with client

Inspires client in a thought-provoking and creative process.

I am delighted to be able to share with you the techniques I have learnt over the years
that have brought me much happiness and success.


Ben has been amazing. I’ve always had a difficult time living a truly balanced life. I was on a continuous rollercoaster. I would work hours and hours a day until I burnt out. When I burnt out, I would take mental vacations from my business for months at a time. These mental vacations led to a struggling business and resentment towards my business and clients. Each month was a struggle to find a happy medium. My career suffered tremendously; however, I found my mental and physical health were taking the brunt of the burn. Stress was killing me! I’m a genuinely happy person, but I was far from showing it when I called Ben the first time. We broke it down into simpler terms and I found my priorities were always out of whack along with my goals. I was just getting by and maintaining this mediocre life that I felt I was better than. I knew I could achieve more professionally while maintaining the relationships with family and friends that are so important to me. Read More

Ben is absolutely amazing! His insight and guidance has been life changing for my daughter and myself. If I could give 10 stars, I would!

My experience with Ben as a life-coach has been an unexpected education about myself and how my mind works. Before I started my coaching sessions, I literally was not mindful at all about what was happening in my thought processes and this influx of thoughts and feelings made me almost feel consistently conflicted about how I handled daily situations. I have made a lot of progress in managing my thought processes and turning them from continuously being negative to working toward listening to the positive thoughts that I have about myself. This has not come naturally for me but working with Ben and putting into practice the suggested mental practices that he suggests has caused me to make forward progress with maintaining a positive mental condition. I feel like focusing on the present and what I can do now and in each moment to improve my thoughts ultimately has helped my emotional maturity and health.

MindBodyBuild® is designed to make people fall in love with taking care of their holistic being. We believe that working with the Mind and Body are essential for whatever it is that you want to Build in your life. 

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